Fashion, Light and Rembrandt at Agnes

If you’re ready to step out to an art gallery, you may want to visit Agnes. One of its past exhibits was Stepping Out.

agnes - elegant blus dress

This was a charming exhibition based on the historic practice of getting dressed up to visit a gallery. It featured clothing from the 1860s to the 1970s along with contemporaneous works of art. For the 1930s, an elegant blue velvet dress was paired with a stunning 1937 painting of the Ottawa Valley by Sarah Robertson.

190503 Agnes Etherington

A different sort of experience awaited you in Any Saint, featuring the art of Kingston-based artist Emily Pelstring. Ms. Pelstring has used the subtle power of air movements, reflective light and outmoded imaging technologies for her animations. Take time to see how the colours change and how the reflections on the walls differ from the originals.

190503 Agnes Etherington

Also at Agnes in the spring of 2019 was Rembrandt van Rijn’s, Head of an Old Man with Curly Hair. This is a remarkable painting, donated by Daniel and Linda Bader in honour of Daniel’s late father, Dr. Alfred Bader. The museum held four of the seven paintings by this master in public Canadian collections. We are very fortunate in Kingston to have free access to these magnificent works of art. The four Rembrandts were in the same gallery as the exhibition, Rome, Capital of Painting. For information on all the exhibitions and upcoming workshops, view the gallery’s website,

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