Remembrance: A Walk Through the C & E Museum

Canadian military efforts are a big part of Kingston culture and an especially important topic around November. In light of Remembrance Day, I wanted to search for a place where I could enlighten myself on the history of Canada’s relationship with military power.

Kingston’s Military Communications & Electronics Museum is a valuable resource when wanting to learn more about Canada’s involvement and contributions throughout the various modern wars throughout history. In a vast open space of 10,000 sq. ft. the museum displays military communications equipment and memorabilia ranging from the mid 1800’s to the more present conflicts which include the UN and NATO.

The whole museum is organized in such a way that you are led through time and are able to see the evolution of Canadian innovation. The curators have gone to great lengths to present you with a more realistic view of how certain items would have be used and in what context they would have been used in.

Mannequins are dressed in authentic style clothing from the periods they are representing. Different artifacts are also displayed together in scenes so that it feels the viewer is capturing an actual moment taking place in history. There are also interactive portions which are perfect for keeping the interest of kids.


In the theme of Remembrance Day this is a perfect place to visit for an in-depth look in Canadian military history.

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